The Virtual Survey


In contrast to a paper report, the virtual survey gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a virtual tour of the property and see the defects as the surveyor does. This can be done at the click of a button. The Virtual Survey is our flagship product and is suitable for any type of property.

You will need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone in order to benefit from this service. Prices from £600.00.

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RICS Condition Report (Level 1)


Briefly describes the construction and condition of the building, services, grounds and any significant outbuildings, advising also on any areas which your legal advisor should investigate further e.g. guarantees for works, rights of way, planning/building control matters etc. Further advice on repairs and/or ongoing maintenance is not given. The inspection is the least extensive of the three survey types and the report is the most concise. The Condition Report is therefore priced the lowest and is aimed at conventional and newer homes in reasonable condition.

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RICS Homebuyer Report (Level 2)


The HomeBuyer report covers all the features of the Condition Report, however, it is a more detailed product and advises on aspects not covered by the Level one survey. The inspection is more extensive and the report gives more information regarding the property’s construction and condition. Additional advice is also given about repairs and areas of the property which will require ongoing maintenance. The HomeBuyer survey is suited towards a wider range of conventionally built homes, in reasonable condition.

The customer now has the choice to include or exclude a Market Valuation and insurance reinstatement figure within their report. Where these are included, advice is also given to factors which may affect the value of the property.

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RICS Building Survey (Level 3)


The Building Survey (formerly known as the Structural Survey) is the most comprehensive of the three options. The inspection and report goes into a much greater level of detail than the level two product, providing further advice regarding cause and remedy of defects and potential issues which could arise should they not be addressed. More minor defects which are not included in the HomeBuyer report are covered here, and advice is also given to defects which may be present in areas hidden from view. We would recommend you select this option should your property be larger in size, older and run-down, of non-conventional construction (e.g. historic timber framed or stone built), or you plan to undertake extensive works.

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