Smart Home Surveys is an independent property consultancy specialising in pre-purchase condition surveys and valuations, along with existing portfolio appraisals.

Our surveyors are RICS Accredited professionals. This means the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors have assessed each of our surveyors and deemed them competent and ethical. Our coverage includes London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex. Each of our surveyors either live or have significant experience working their area of coverage.

Our philosophy is providing the highest quality of advice and client care at an affordable price by using cutting edge technology.

Why have a home survey?

Buying a home can be one of the most expensive and stressful decisions that you make. It is therefore essential that you are aware of the condition of the property and whether you are paying the right price.

Many homebuyers rely on their mortgage valuation report as an assurance that the property they are purchasing is in sound condition, when in fact, the report is not a survey and is solely carried out for the lender, who is only concerned whether the property is suitable as mortgage security.

​Despite this, many homeowners proceed to purchase without having a survey undertaken, and often regrettably so. Ensure your investment is protected by commissioning one of our comprehensive surveys today.

Why Choose Us?

We embrace technology
Innovation is at the heart of our company and we use modern hardware and software to offer our customers: fast turn around times, quality control, user friendly reports and innovative new services which intend to revolutionise the industry norms.

Our client care is unrivalled
We have a skilled team of client coordinators who manage the process from initial enquiry to post-report aftercare. We guarantee any specific concerns you have are considered and offer a free post-report consultation with each of our HomeBuyer, Building and Virtual Survey services.

We have a wealth of experience
We have provided thousands of pre-purchase reports and valuations for our clients. We provide the necessary guidance whether it be to help you assess the feasibility of a property purchase, negotiate on the sale price, or prepare a portfolio for sale.

To ensure our pool expertise is ever-expanding, our surveyors undertake continuous professional development annually. Collectively, our surveyors have extensive knowledge relating to condition/defect matters, valuation, architectural matters and property refurbishment.

We are a safe pair of hands
We have professional indemnity insurance cover up to £1,000,000 per claim and are a registered with the Property Ombudsman Service for additional dispute resolution.

Request a Survey or Valuation
Request a Survey or Valuation

At Smart Home Surveys we can help you with your residential property needs by:

  • Carrying out a survey to check the condition of a house, flat, maisonette or bungalow
  • Working out an accurate valuation of a property for a variety of purposes, for example:
    • For peace of mind if you are buying a property
    • To redeem a Help-to-Buy or Shared Ownership loan or to buy a bigger share of your home
    • For matrimonial or other disputes
    • For probate purposes
    • For tax calculations
    • For insurance

1. How can we help you today?

Select all the options that apply to you and we'll get back to you with a comprehensive quotation. If your query is not covered by the options below, select "Other" and write a brief description of the service you require in Section 4.

You may require a valuation for a different date from the current market value, or need two valuations for different dates. For example:

  • For Inheritance Tax or Probate, you will normally need the date of decease
  • For CGT you may need two dates so that the gain can be calculated
  • For CGT and ATED purposes, you may need the valuation as at the end of the tax year

If you are uncertain, leave the dates blank and one of our advisers will give you a call to discuss your requirements.

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