RICS Home Survey Level 3
Formerly known as the Building Survey

The level 3 survey which is formerly known as the Building Survey is a full internal and external inspection of the property from top to bottom. This is the most detailed written report available providing further advice regarding cause and remedy of defects and potential issues which could arise should they not be addressed. More minor defects which are not included in the Level 3 Survey report are covered here, and advice is also given to defects which may be present in areas hidden from view. Ultimately, the level 3 survey intends to give you the most comprehensive picture of what state the property that you intend to purchase is in.

What type of property is this suitable for?

  • Properties which are of non-conventional construction (e.g. steel frame, historic timber framed or stone built)
  • Properties that are particularly large
  • Properties which have been extensively adapted
  • Properties that have been extensively adapted/altered
  • Properties that are listed
  • Period properties (built before 1939)
  • Properties which you intend to extensively adapt (this falls outside of refurbishment)

How does this survey differ from the level two (Homebuyer report)?

  • For most components, you will receive an explanation of what a particular building element is and/or how it functions
  • You will receive specific advice on the possible causes of any defects/issues which relate to the property
  • You will receive specific advice on how to remedy a particular issue if this can be determined without further investigation

How long will it take for the report to arrive?
We aim to turn around level 3 reports between 4 and 5 working days from the date of inspection.

What are the limitations of this survey?
The surveyor will not lift floorboards, floor coverings, open up wall surfaces, move heavy objects or personal effects. The surveyor will, however, utilise tools to assess cracks and measure dampness along with all human senses to identify issues and draw conclusions.

The surveyor will visually inspect services (electrical, gas, water and heating installations) but cannot perform specific tests on these. Where applicable, the surveyor may recommend testing is undertaken by an appropriate specialist for example; a heating engineer.

Request a Survey or Valuation
Request a Survey or Valuation

At Smart Home Surveys we can help you with your residential property needs by:

  • Carrying out a survey to check the condition of a house, flat, maisonette or bungalow
  • Working out an accurate valuation of a property for a variety of purposes, for example:
    • For peace of mind if you are buying a property
    • To redeem a Help-to-Buy or Shared Ownership loan or to buy a bigger share of your home
    • For matrimonial or other disputes
    • For probate purposes
    • For tax calculations
    • For insurance

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You may require a valuation for a different date from the current market value, or need two valuations for different dates. For example:

  • For Inheritance Tax or Probate, you will normally need the date of decease
  • For CGT you may need two dates so that the gain can be calculated
  • For CGT and ATED purposes, you may need the valuation as at the end of the tax year

If you are uncertain, leave the dates blank and one of our advisers will give you a call to discuss your requirements.

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