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We are well experienced in administering procedures under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 acting for Building Owners and Adjoining Owners. We are dedicated to guiding you through the entire process seamlessly, ensuring that your rights and obligations are protected in accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

The Act provides a framework for preventing or resolving disputes in relation to party walls, party structures, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings.

When will you need us?
If you are proposing to undertake any notifiable works to your property, you will be legally required to comply with procedures under the ’96 Act. If your neighbour is undertaking notifiable work which affects your property, you must be served a party wall notice which will then allow you to appoint a surveyor to ensure your interests are properly safeguarded in the event of damage/loss occurring.

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Have questions or need assistance with your party wall matters? Contact our team today for comprehensive and professional advice if you or your neighbour are planning to carry out an extension or structural alterations.

Why choose us?

Expertise: Our team of RICS-accredited surveyors possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in party wall matters, enabling us to provide accurate and reliable advice tailored to your specific requirements.

Notices and Awards: Our proficient team will handle all the necessary documentation, including party wall notices and Awards, ensuring that all legal requirements are met with precision and diligence.

Clear Communication: We believe in transparent communication, keeping you informed at every stage of the process. Our friendly and approachable experts will ensure that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities, giving you peace of mind throughout the proceedings.

Request a Survey or Valuation
Request a Survey or Valuation

At Smart Home Surveys we can help you with your residential property needs by:

  • Carrying out a survey to check the condition of a house, flat, maisonette or bungalow
  • Working out an accurate valuation of a property for a variety of purposes, for example:
    • For peace of mind if you are buying a property
    • To redeem a Help-to-Buy or Shared Ownership loan or to buy a bigger share of your home
    • For matrimonial or other disputes
    • For probate purposes
    • For tax calculations
    • For insurance

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You may require a valuation for a different date from the current market value, or need two valuations for different dates. For example:

  • For Inheritance Tax or Probate, you will normally need the date of decease
  • For CGT you may need two dates so that the gain can be calculated
  • For CGT and ATED purposes, you may need the valuation as at the end of the tax year

If you are uncertain, leave the dates blank and one of our advisers will give you a call to discuss your requirements.

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